Afterglow Headset Ps4 3 Watt 8 Ohm Single Cavity Mini Speaker Full-Range Cavity Advertising Machine Speaker Connector Separating Interface



Mini arduino speaker: 8 ohm 3 watt; Its connector is separating, One-to-Two interface, can choose 3.3V or 5V, JST-PH2.0mm-2 pin terminal; Full frequency cavity; 31 mm long, 28 mm wide, 15 mm thick.

Applications: Arduino; Robot; Raspberry Pi; Advertising Machine; Game Machine; Integrated Machine Special Speaker.

Shape: Rectangle; Diaphragm material: non-paper; Magnetic circuit form: internal magnetic.

Frequency characteristics: full band (full range); Rated power: 3 (W); Rated impedance: 4 ohms 8 ohms (次); Frequency response: 500-20K (kHz).

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