Alphasonik Charm Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker Digital LED Alarm Clock Arctis 7 Headset



Alphasonik has designed the simplest bedside alarm clock and Bluetooth speaker for your needs. With just a few labeled buttons on the top you will hardly need instructions to operate this clock.

The large LED digits are bright and clear to see from across the room, and during the night the digits can be dimmed to your own personal comfort level so it does not disturb sleeping.

With 3 professionally tuned drivers, this is the alarm clock speaker that will surely wake you up!

Aside from the alarm function, the CHARM also comes with FM radio, Bluetooth capabilities, AUX, and SD card function to play MP3 files of your choice.

The Alphasonik CHARM is a must have in any home or office space. The easy set up is unmatched and the sound produced by this tiny giant is unrivaled.

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