Audio Puzzle Sennheiser Gaming Headset Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Your Own Kit



BUILD YOUR OWN BLUETOOTH 每 This product brings a fun new meaning to BYOB 每 build your own Bluetooth! Test your engineering skills or share a fun DIY activity with this Bluetooth 4.0, 6 watt speaker.

NO TOOLS REQUIRED 每 No need to surround yourself with hammers and screwdrivers 每 no tools are required! Build, customize, and rebuild with rugged parts that everyone from kids to adults will enjoy.

FUN TO MAKE AND USE 每 This high quality product is more fun than any other soundbox, and has better audio quality than your favorite speakers and noise cancelling headphones. Ditch the noise for crystal clear audio.

KID FRIENDLY 每 Every component of the Audio Puzzle is safe for children while remaining as fun as possible. It*s not every day you find something kids will both learn from and like 每 but then again, the Audio Puzzle is no everyday speaker.

10 HOUR BATTERY 每 Enjoy a fun building exercise and a Bluetooth speaker you*re sure to enjoy. The 10-hour battery recharges in only 90 minutes, giving you the perfect kid*s toy to connect with.

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