Best Buy Ps4 Headset 360 Sound Ring Bluetooth Portable Speakers Morpheus



HIGH DEFINITION STEREO: Built with 40mm Custom-Tuned Drivers, and incorporating 2 Active Speakers and 2 Passive Radiators, our portable speaker with bluetooth produces excellent sound quality with deep rich bass, while hitting the mid and high-end tones you expect.

TRUE WIRELESS STEREO: Our state-of-the-art design is TWS which allows you to pair two Morpheus 360 Sound-Ring Wireless Portable Speakers together for True 360? Stereo sound. Our Portable Wireless Speakers are compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod, Samsung, Google, Microsoft or Android Devices.

ONE-TOUCH MEDIA CONTROLS: We have integrated all of the media controls into the wireless speaker, allowing you to power on and off, track forward and back, volume up and down and even answer or make calls with the touch of a single button.

WATERPROOF SPEAKERS: We designed the Cylinder utilizing ABS Plastic on the ends and the body, while wrapping the speaker in a Fabric Mesh. The end result is a cutting-edge waterproof wireless portable bluetooth speaker that is both Rugged and IPX6 Waterproof.

VISUAL ALERT LED*S: We incorporated 2 LED Rings into the portable speaker design that provide visual alerts, in the form of various colors to alert you once you have paired the portable speakers (Solid Blue), when the wireless speaker needs charging (Flashing Red) and when the bluetooth portable speaker is fully charged (Solid Green).

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