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▽Comfortable outdoor tools▼ The outer layer of this Bluetooth wireless headset is made of high-quality super-fine velvet fabric, which is warm, soft and comfortable. Foldable, easy to carry, and the earmuffs have good elasticity, suitable for a variety of head types, you can wear it to go out to exercise, walk the dog, travel and so on. Enjoy music while enjoying the warmth, which is a good gift for family, friends and lovers.

▽Super technology and use▼ This earmuff is supported by powerful Bluetooth 5.0 technology and is compatible with most devices, such as Android, iPhone, computer, etc. The built-in upgraded 200mAh rechargeable batteryㄛit can be fully charged in 2-2.5 hours. And can play more than 8 hours of call or music time.

▽Easy to operate and high-definition stereo speakers▼ Use of earmuffs – With just three buttons, you can adjust the volume and playback anytime, anywhere, with built-in adjustable high-quality speakers and microphones for excellent stereo sound, speaker The position can be adjusted to make your ears hear more clearly.

▽Holiday Gifts and Surprise for Yourself▼ This can be a great gift for others at Christmas, Thanksgiving, and birthday, but don’t forget yourself and give yourself a warm surprise in the winter.You can take him to go hiking, go skiing, go adventure

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