Cobra 29LXBT Professional CB Radio – Emergency Radio Razer Headset Xbox One



BLUETOOTH CONNECTIVITY 每 Send and receive calls and text messages completely hands free, so you can focus on driving without distractions. Focus means safety, and safety is everything on the road.

TRULY HANDS FREE 每 Caller ID with Voice and Text-to-Speech capabilities route incoming calls through your radio*s speaker to easily hear who*s calling and allow your radio to read your emails through a downloadable app, without ever looking down.

EASY-TO-READ – Selectable 4-color LCD display in blue, red, green and amber for daytime and nighttime driving made easy. Adjust the color and brightness to enhance your drive.

NOAA WEATHER CHANNELS – Be the first to know of incoming hazards or changing weather with instant access to NOAA weather channels 24 hours a day. Weather and Alert scan automatically tune into the strongest channel, so you won*t miss a beat.

RADIO CHECK & FREQUENCY DISPLAY – Automatically run diagnostics for voltage and RF output, with antenna matching to ensure that the signal is as strong as possible and working properly. Device also displays operating CB and weather frequencies on screen.

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