DACOOR Premium Portable Vintage Radio Retro Bluetooth5.0 Speaker Strong Bass Enhancement Louder Perfect Sound Wireless Connection Best Headset



? [THIS VINTAGE RADIO SPEAKER WAS CRAFTED AND BLENDS MODERN TECHNOLOGY WITH RETRO CLASSIC AESTHETICS],?combines the latest and best digital audio tech with a 1950s retro vibe. We can feel like back into the golden age of music in 1950s, enjoying a soothing moment in today*s busy life. With the advanced Bluetooth 5.0 technology, this retro bluetooth speaker could be connected with your smart equipment in less than one second.

? [THE SPECIALLY DEGINED RETRO BLUETOOTH SPEAKER DIFFERENTIATES YOU FROM COMMON MUSIC LOVERS WITH IT’S UNIQUE VINTAGE APPEARRANCE]. This retro radio wireless bluetooth speaker has a nostalgic appearance that was given a fashion & modern meaning.The retro FM radio function instantly takes you back to the good old days of radio channel surfing. Just enjoy the Hillbilly Cat and the music with this vintage radio bluetooth speaker!

? [THIS UNIQUE RETRO BLUETOOTH SPEAKER IS EQUIPPED WITH A BASS ENHANCEMENT SYSTEM WHICH LET THE VINTAGE RADIO PRODUCE FROM THE FRONT]. So you could enjoy a stereo rich sound without any complicated or heavy traditional speakers. Anyone that loves music will love this retro radio speaker. You will always be remembered with this special and impressive gift!

? [WITH 5-WATT AMPLIFILERS PROCESSING AUDIO OUTPUT, THIS MINI RETRO RADIO SOUNDS AMAZINGLY RICHER AND LOUDER WITHOUT ANY DISTORTION]. The compact retro bluetooth speaker only takes a space of 104mm x 75mm x 66mm with a 1800mAh built-in rechargeable battery, moderate volume 24 hours playtime. Take outside and listen to vintage radio, music during cooking, party,yard work,garage,campfire,hiking,biking or beach,whatever you need it to do

? THIS BLUETOOTH SPEAKER PROVIDES AFTER-SALES SERVICE FOR ONE YEAR, please feel free to contact us in any time and we will support you as soon as possible.?

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