Gvirtue New AH59-02692E Xbox Headset With Mic Remote Control AH59-02692F



?Gvirtue New AH59-02692E Replacement Remote Control Works for Samsung Soundbar/Home Theater System.

?No programming or Setting Required. Just Install New CR2032 Battries (Not Included) to Work Well.

?Compatible with Samsung Sound Bar model?:Ps-wj6000 HW-J355 HW-J355/ZA HW-J450 HW-J450/ZA HW-J550 HW-J550/ZA HW-J551 HW-J551/ZA HW-J6000 HW-J6000/ZA HW-JM35 HW-JM35/ZA HW-JM45 HW-JM45/ZA HW-JM6000 HW-JM6000/ZA HW-JM6000C HW-JM6000C/ZA HWJ355 HWJ355ZA HWJ450 HWJ450ZA HWJ550ZA HWJ551ZA HWJ6000 HWJ6000ZA HWJ6000ZA HWJM35 HWJM35ZA HWJM45 HWJM45ZA HWJM6000 HWJM6000ZA HWJM6000C HWJM6000CZA

?It is NOT a Samsung remote, but it works right out of box without any programming for Various Samsung Soundbar/Home Theater Model.

?Fast and Free Shipping from Amazon Fulfillment Center with 180 days warranty!

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