Mini X Boy Bluetooth Phone Vr Headset Home Audio 3 inch Theater



More than just a decorative object inspired by the Art Toy culture, Xoopar XBoy mini is a true high quality Bluetooth speaker. Yes those fun Boys have a lot of character, they are really cute and they are the perfect gift , no wonder our community gets so emotional. And they glow too.

Do not mess around with the diminutive baby of the XBoy family! 3 inch standing, packing 3W of power, YouTube is still trying to recover from unboxing XBOY mini! Don’t judge XBoy mini owners, because once you’ll adopt one, you’ll go crazy for these little boys too. So convenient, so original, so much fun and loud sound! They deliver on every level !

4 hours battery life – recharges in 1 hour

Color changing LED glowing light – wrist strap included- micro usb charging cable included

XBoy mini’s secret ? a Selfie remote controller, button located the back of its head.

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