Momoho Mini Bluetooth Speaker Light Weight Stereo Sound Wireless Portable Small Speaker Black Metal Case Xbox One Headset Not Working



PORTABLE FEATURE: Momoho Mini Bluetooth Speaker 0034 has compact size (43 X 38mm) and light weight. It is easy and convenient for us to carry and bring anywhere we go

CLEAR STEREO SOUND: Factory tested speaker quality for 3 working days before goods shipment to ensure this wireless speaker has clear stereo sound quality

PHONE ANSWER FUNCTION: This portable speaker is well designed with phone answer function. We just need to press button to answer phone call with great convenience

USER MANUAL: Our sales department and factory colleague spent hours making good user manual which includes all important knowledge about this speaker to ensure our customers well know this product and use it in a right way

AFTER SALES SERVICE: Momoho is responsible for all customers with high quality product, reasonable price and friendly after sales service. We will do our best to assist our customers whenever we are needed

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