Omnigates Aeon Bluetooth 4.2 Speaker Pod Showers Xbox One Headset Walmart



( TOP每NOTCH PERFORMANCE AND FEATURES ) – Omnigates Aeon Bluetooth 4.2 portable speaker offers the perfect size and power. You will hear crisp tones and enough bass with the Advanced 4W speakers. This speaker is SHOCKPROOF and WATER RESISTANT. This Aeon speaker has high quality original 500 mAh Lithium-ion rechargeable battery rated for up to 5 hours of playback time in average use. Available Hands-Free Smartphone Feature that will you allow answer call.

( AMAZING BLUETOOTH INTEGRATION ) 每 This Aeon speaker has Bluetooth 4.2 technology with enhanced data rate and support range of 33ft (10 meter). This guarantees a crystal clear signal when you are away from the unit. Simply turn the unit on and it automatically connects to your device in a second.

( DESIGNED IN CALIFORNIA ) 每We Omnigates designed and produced the small, rugged, versatile and a great shape of speaker that will make you smile every time you use. This speaker is designed for indoor as well as outdoor with the durability that you can possibly expect.

( TONS OF APPLICATIONS ) 每 It is small enough to bring it with you Camping, Hiking, Picnics, the Beach, Backpacking, Golfing, Biking, Showering , and sharing with Friends. Also, can be used as a desktop speaker at work or home. This speaker comes with detachable Carabiner and Suction Cup for easy and anywhere carry.

( WORRY-FREE WARRANTY ) 每 It comes with 1-YEAR Product Warranty. Omnigates back up warranty will cover you a full 1 year. Friendly customer service will give you a peace of mind. This is perfect for life on move. Don*t miss this great Bluetooth speaker by Omnigates- the trusted brand, designed in CALIFORNIA, US.

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