Open-Ear Wireless Earphones Bluetooth Bone Conduction Headphones Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset



▽Latest Bone Conduction Headphones▼- The sound is conveyed through the vibration of the earphones and transmitted to your inner ear through the cheekbone.Fully protect your ear canal from the discomfort caused by the squeezing of the earplugs.The open-ear design can help you always pay attention to the surrounding environment and avoid danger while enjoying music.

▽Built-in Memory without Connection▼- The built-in 8GB memory allows you to download music to the headphones and play local songs on the headphones.When exercising,running or working,you can enjoy your favorite music without carrying your phone.

▽Bluetooth 5.0 Stability and Battery Life▼- The latest Bluetooth 5.0 brings strong connection speed and stability,and provides the best support for sports.Built-in 180mAh large lithium battery.It only takes 2 hours to fully charge,the standby time can reach 10 days,and the playback time can reach 6 hours or more.Suitable for long time outdoor or indoor activities.

▽Sweat-proof and Rain-proof Design▼- Ergonomic design to ensure the comfort of your exercise.IPX5 waterproof can resist light rain and sweat produced by sports.Skin-friendly silicone + titanium alloy creates a balanced body,making the headphones lightweight and durable.

▽High-fidelity Sound and Microphone▼- Our open-ear wireless headphones provide a curved structure speaker,which increases the area of contact with the ear.This brings a wider dynamic range and deep bass,which can provide you with first-class sound quality suitable for any music genre,and has a built-in microphone for clearly hands-free calls.

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