Orchid Purple Vibe-Tribe Troll Logitech Usb Headset 12 Watt Bluetooth Vibration Speaker



12W high-fidelity power ( a normal speaker of equal size reaches 3-5W ) , thanks to its vibrating core ultra powerful … but absolutely portable with its small size in just 6.5 x 7.5 cm ! His extraordinary and patented core project sound to the surfaces on which Troll Plus lays, transforming it into effective and sound sources .

Optimal and secure support with the unique patented suction cup that adheres to smooth surfaces turning in exceptional source for the popular Vibe – Tribe 3D sound .

It contains the Bluetooth 4.0 technology and NFC ( Near Field Communication ), which lets you connect with a simple touch. Orbit is updated to all the latest Bluetooth protocols A2DP , AVRCP and HFP for a simple and complete control .

Conf-call function turns your desk into a single large conference auditorium! Troll Plus is equipped with a last generation echo-canceling microphone.

Unique design , with elegant and sinuous lines , characterized by a structure in aluminum and chrome details … in a range of 9 exclusive exclusive shades.

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