Phono Preamp 1byone Belt Drive Turntable Xbox Stereo Headset Wireless Connectivity



? WIRELESS CONNECTIVITY – Pair with wireless speakers or headphones for an amazing, wire-free experience. Even better, no receiver needed!(Noteㄩ Not all Bluetooth protocols are supported. Contact us if your Bluetooth speakers can’t be connected.)

? AUDIO-TECHNICA STYLUS – The diamond-tipped AT stylus cartridge is designed to produce rich sound and outstanding clarity, tracking your record*s grooves with precision for accurate, high-definition audio. Bullet Point

? ADJUSTABLE COUNTERWEIGHT & ANTI-SKATING FORCE – Get perfect playback every time using the tonearm counterweight and advanced anti-skating system. These ensure the stylus is balanced and rests deep in your record*s groove, producing smooth stylus movement, protecting your records from damage, and providing freedom from skipping and distortion.

? GREAT CONNECTIVITY OPTIONS – Enjoy vinyl playback with any amplifier using the built-in MM-type Preamp. This turntable includes both Phono and Line Outputs that allow playing of vinyl with or without a Phono equalizer.

? VINYL RECORDING VIA PC – Connect this turntable to your computer via USB and encode vinyl audio into MP3s for digitalized storage and playback on your computer, smartphone or tablet. Take your favorite vinyls with you on-the-go!

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