Portable Speaker Holder Bikes Adjustable Strap Mobile Case Standalone Vr Headsets



JAM ON THE GO: Enjoy your music, wherever you are with our easy to install travel speaker mount. Proudly made in the USA!

SIZE: Adjustable straps fit portable speakers up to 4.5§ in diameter and 11§ in length.

VERSATILE: Mounts to bike, handlebar, golf cart, moped, boat, motorcycle, backpack, ATV, scooter, or folding chair!

DESIGN: This high-quality black case is constructed in Chicago. Attach the straps to the mounting surface, slip your speaker in the end, and secure with the drawstring. Speaker controls are easily accessible through the upholstery-grade mesh outer fabric.

WARRANTY: If you are not 100% satisfied, CaseSmpl will offer you a full refund or replacement up to a year after purchase.

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