Right Ear Balance Control Headset Xbox One Awareness Monitor Left Digital



[ MULTIPLE FUNCTIONS ] 1) Left / Right ear balance control 2) Volume control 3) Enhanced High Volume 4) Three preset audio profiles including Bass, Treble and Balanced mode 5) Mono or stereo mode 6) No audio delay

[ENJOY TV WITH FRIENDS / FAMILY] HT380 allowing you to add additional neck-loop receivers, so you and another friend/family member can watch TV together. The transmitter dock can simultaneously support up to 100 neck-loop receivers – so feel free to add even more!

[ WORKS WITH ALL TVs ] HT380 Digital Wireless earphones set is compatible with all TVs on the market. Even if the audio out port is not accessible, you can use the microphone to pick up sound.

[ VERSATILITY ] Works with any of your preferred wired headphones or earbuds. Enjoy all-day playtime with the rechargeable battery plus an included spare battery conveniently stored on the HT380 base.

[ HEARING AID SUPPORT ] The HT380’s neck loop was specially designed with telecoil for wireless access to transmit and amplify sound to your hearing aids. Also, be aware of your surroundings or enhance conversation by using the Ambient function.

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