SENXIN Enhanced Stereo Edition Portable Bluetooth Speaker S3 Vr Headset Price



?Unique TWS Technology: True wireless stereo technology support two speakers play music synchronously through a Bluetooth connection, making the left channel and the right channel separate for output.Easy to carry in small sizes, when beaches, hiking, camping, picnics, BBQ, we can hang it on backpack, bike, pocket or just grab it.

?Bedroom Speaker Best Choice: We can put two speakers on the bedside table on each sides of the bed. In a warm atmosphere, our family listen to the soft sleep music or story and easily enters the dreamland.

?Party Speakers Best Choice: When we have a party with friehds,placed twin speakers around us.In sweet music, we have dinner together and chat.Enjoy the happiest and most romantic moments.

?Laptop Speakers Best Choice: Put the speakers on the left and right side of laptop. In the soft music, can relieve fatigue; when we watch the video, play the game, the stereo sound can let us have a immersive feeling.

?Promise:We promise to replace the product or return it at any time within one year. If you have any question about this product,please try to contact us ,we will reply within 24 hours and solve all you problem.

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