SereneLife Outdoor Portable Wireless Bluetooth Boombox Xbox One Stereo Headset



WIRELESS BLUETOOTH: A high end boombox stereo speaker that has a wireless Bluetooth 2.1 connectivity at a range of 35ft. Will be able to connect to any external device with Bluetooth compatibilities such as iPhone, Android, smartphone, PC and etc

AUXILIARY INPUTS: Other than the wireless connection, this portable speaker also has 3.5mm aux input, USB, and micro SD slots and serve as an MP3 music player for MP3 or WMA files. It also has a radio system to connect to FM

PORTED ENCLOSURE DESIGN: Built with rugged and durable housing enclosure but still super lightweight, so this boom box blaster can be taken anywhere. Constructed with a ported enclosure design for an impressive bass response

VISIBLE BUTTONS: Complete with accessible power on and off switch, play or pause, previous/next buttons and FM button control center. This player is great for home / beach party with beats and more

RECHARGEABLE BATTERY: The battery will surely last long with its 1000mAh capacity. It also boasts a digital surround sound amplifier, has two 2** Speaker Drivers and 4** Subwoofer to achieve that full range loud stereo sound system reproduction

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