Standalone Vr Headsets RCA Adapter Converter Speaker Wire Adapter Subwoofer Speaker Phono RCA Male



Speaker wire to rca adapter is to connect the audio and video interface of the device, such as the security wiring, monitoring equipment, home theater, background music, converter, etc., for transmiting audio and video signals.

Speaker wire rca connector is Solderless Type and Spring Press Type.

Speaker wire to rca converter with no electrical tap, no splicing, no crimping, but only a small screw driver.

RCA to speaker wire connector Applicable scope: security, monitoring equipment, LED lights, transducer,Signal audio video cables, Coaxial cables, color conversion of audio video signals,etc.

This RCA to Terminal Block adapter is made for special industrial application e.g. for connecting single wires with open cable heads.Therefor you can connect individually various devices with RCA connector to the adapter.

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