Steam Vr Headset 4 Inches Heavy Duty Waterproof Boat Marine Box Outdoor Speakers Surface



2-Way 4 Marine Grade HIFI Full Range Stereo Pod Speakers with 1 PEI Dome Tweeter

Compact and Powerful: Maximum handling 100 watts(A Pair) , Frequency response 80 – 20,000Hz , Impedance 4 ohms

Marine Grade Waterproof Construction:IP66, Perfect for Marine, Boat, UTV, ATV, Truck, Golf Cart, Powersport, Motorcycle, Motorbike, RV, Automobile & Off-Road Vehicles

Small 4 Size for Easy Installation where limited space available; Product Dimensions 4.4(112mm) (W) x 4.4(112mm) (H) x4(102mm) (D)

What you get: A Pair of self-contained pod speakers with mounting brackets

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