TPA3116 Subwoofer Amplifier Home Audio 50W+50W+100W Bluetooth Amp Switch Headset



100W Subwoofer Amplifier Board;Bluetooth 5.0 Power Amplifier,Frequency response range: input: 20 hz – 20 KHZ, output: 20 hz – 180 hz

Operating voltage range: DC 12-24V(maximum voltage is no more than 24V); built-in TPA3116 amplifier chip;This is a pre-amplifier, bass frequency processing, with bass volume potentiometer control of the bass amplifier board.

DC 12-24V power supply, wide operating voltage, power-saving design, more than 90% power efficiency. Maximum support 100W (Bass) bass channel output

Audio input sensitivity: 500 mv;Speaker impedance: bass speaker impedance: 2-8 ohm

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