Voice Amplifier Portable Bluetooth Multiple Locations Walmart Gaming Headset



???Voice Amplifier?? Amplify your voice and save your throat at any time you need it. Provide 30w clear and soft sound, perfect for small and medium-sized groups with many people.

???Multiple Output Methods?? Not only is it an amplifier but also a portable Bluetooth speaker, you can transfer audio files from any type of Bluetooth-enabled mobile device, USB flash drive, TF card to 33 feet away.

???Rechargeable Voice Amplifier?? Built-in a large 3200mAh lithium-ion battery, so that the microphone speaker full charge only takes 3-5 hours, but play amplification time up to 10-12 hours, music playback time up to 8 hours.

???Small Size and Light Weight??This portable Bluetooth megaphone is a portable public address system that weighs only 249g and you can take it to multiple locations such as classrooms, bingo calls and outdoors. It’s great for small to medium groups speaking to multiple people.

???Tips for use??1. Place the microphone directly in front of your mouth for maximum amplification.2. Don’t howl: The microphone and speaker need to be positioned at a distance, preferably facing each other. It may also cause feedback if the volume is set too high. Just gradually increase the volume as needed.

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