Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Volume 10W Power Best Wireless Gaming Headset Pc



?▽Full Range Dual Speaker▼:In order to make the sound quality more pleasant, upgrade to a widescreen speaker, the mid-range is more dynamic, the treble is more ambiguous, and the bass is more thick.

?▽Multi-Person Chorus▼:TOSING 04 realizes double and multi-person wireless chorus function through FM broadcast function technology. A mobile phone can be connected to multiple microphones for easy chorus.

?▽More Powerful▼:30-day long-lasting standby, intelligent adjustment of the mixer, intelligent capture of sound lines, easy connection.

?▽Large Battery Capacity▼:2600 mAh battery capacity, medium volume of sound 10 hours battery Endurance, under the power matching, not only the endurance is not affected, but also can sing longer.

?▽Powerful manipulation▼:Bass volume control, Treble volume control, Music volume control, Volume control, Echo volume control, Previous and next switch, U disk support and other functions are easy to operate.

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