Wireless Wearable Portable Speaker Smart Glasses Playstation 4 Vr Headset GROOVX Bluetooth



? ALL NEW GROOVX BLUETOOTH SUNGLASSES 每 Now you can go about your day with the freedom of listening to your favorite songs or making phone calls on the go, for a truly immersive, hands-free listening experience.

? BLUETOOTH 5.0 每 These glasses are equipped with the newest version of Bluetooth that gives you outstanding range and faster pairing.

? TRUE STEREO SOUND 每 The small speakers pack a large punch, and provide 360~ of sound. Enjoy crystal-clear audio, balanced bass, and full-bodied treble to make watching movies or listening to your music even more amazing.

? BUILT IN MICROPHONE 每 Each of our wearable personal speakers glasses is designed with a small mic that lets you take and make calls completely hands free, making it ideal for conference calls or long-distance meetings

? POWERFUL BATTERY LIFE 每 These rechargeable sunglasses speakers offer up to 5 hours of playback time to let you listen to your music, podcasts, audio books, or video games longer than ever. They also charge to full in just two hours!

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