Wooden Bluetooth Speaker Noise Cancelling Headset 12W Portable Speaker Loud Stereo Sound



[Amazing Portable Bluetooth Speaker] The speaker has a power of (3W℅4), excellent performance in 12W high-performance driver and 360~ stereo, and a new ferrofluid is widely enhanced. Greatly improved the music playback function, you can enjoy beautiful and smooth sound quality. In addition, due to its large output and Bluetooth 4.2 function, Using the unique high-quality sound technology and natural black, Get incredible sound at home, in the yard, offices, or anywhere else imaginable.

[Superior Sound Quality] A precise driver is installed, and clean and gentle sound quality flows naturally. A simulation leather coating is applied to the surface with advanced technology, eliminates the bad resonance effects of music And thanks to the installation of a powerful diaphragm, the power is perfect and a realistic feeling like you are in the theater. Please enjoy the fun.

[Built-in Intelligent IC Chip & Convenient Connection] Built-in digital power amplifier IC chip, no distortion of sound. It is a wireless speaker equipped with a tip close-packed Bluetooth4.2 chip that excels in communication. Data transfer speed and reliability are improved compared to conventional Bluetooth, and power can be saved significantly. You can also answer incoming calls while playing music. Communication range: Linear distance within 20-25 meters (depending on environment). Built-in

[Anti-slip Mat and Sound Booster Vents ] There are four non-slip mats under the speaker to make the operation softer. Behind the air duct. It is useful for heavy bass. The vents have the function of transmitting sound quality pulsations to the surrounding people while greatly eliminating noise. The speaker can be connected not only to Bluetooth, but also to a readable CD, TF card and external audio input (AUX socket). Comes with a versatile USB 3.5mm audio cable that you can connect to your PC,

[Unique Design for Receiving / Rejecting incoming calls ] When playing music, you can answer the call by pressing the play button on the speaker. When refusing, simply press the play button again and it will be completed, making it very easy and convenient. In addition, our store has a full warranty system for one month. You can refund or exchange for any reason within one month of purchase. If you have any questions about this product, feel free to contact us.We will reply you in time.

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