Beats Headphones & Headsets H.D Sound Quality, IPX 5 Waterproof 20 Watt Portable Bluetooth Speaker



RICH BASS TONES AND HD SOUND QUALITY: Enjoy music your music anywhere, this small device really pushes out sound waves, with 20 watts of power you can experience the music and not just hear it!

COMPATIBLE. Universal compatiblility with all Bluetooth devices: iPhone, Samsung, Windows, Blue, ect……

PORTABLE. Enjoy music anywhere you go, relativly small ( about 8 inches) and easy to carry. Built for the outdoors, rain and water resistant, but also loud enough to heard anywhere. Good for a day at the beach, a noisy kitchen, the shower, a long car ride, or just around the house. Encased in a shock resistant shell.

WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY AND FEATURES. Bluetooth 4.0 gives you the wireless freedom to roam about within a 50 foot signal range. If you do not wish use up your phone there is a micro SD slot, which can read up to 32 gigs of music, download your music to a card, and you are ready to go! Also you can plug in your computer or MP3 player to the 3.5mm audio input jack(cable included). And hands free calling through you cell phone.

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