Good Xbox Headsets Lavalier Microphone MAONO AU-100R Rechargeable Omnidirectional Condenser Clip



Upgrade Version to be more user-friendly: MAONO AU100R lavalier microphone has a built-in rechargeable battery to make it available for over 90 hours working time which is suitable for outside using, don’t worry about being out of power. The micro USB charging cable and carrying bag are included in the package

LED Indicator of Battery Capacity: The LED indicator will lighting white color when charge to the battery of the microphone, once the battery is fully charged, the LED indicator went out. When the user slides the switch to ※ON§, the LED indicator will be lighting up 1 second, the user can identify the battery capacity by LED color. GREEN means battery capacity up to 20%, RED means battery below to 20%

Better ConfigurationㄩAU100R lapel microphone is designed for recording a wonderful video or nice audio. Flatter frequency makes a better recording of vocals and instruments. Configure higher operating voltage ensures strong signal output and better drive capability. The 236 in cable makes the user without restraint and can be adjusted through velcro. Also, we use a more flexible wire, premium aluminum case and copper microphone capsule to be anti-drop and not easy to scratch

Wide Compatibilityㄩ ※OFF is for smartphone mode, ON is for DSLR camera mode, make sure use the right mode to match your device, and you will find an extra 3.5mm to 6.35mm adapter in the package, whatever you want to use this on camera, DSLR, smartphone, or laptop, AU100R lapel mic will make it and work well. Please download and use OPEN CAMERA or PROMO VID when recording video on ANDROID

12-MONTH WARRANTY AND PACKAGE LIST: MAONO provides 24-month warranty service. PACKAGE LIST: 1X lavalier microphone with 236 in cable; 1x USB charge cable; 1x adapter(3.5mm-6.5mm); 1x metal Clip; 1x wind muff; 1x manual; 1x carrying bag

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